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Welcome to First Real Estate Management where we pride ourselves in providing excellent Maryland property management with the following three key services.

  • Management of Community Associations
  • Accounting and Financial Operations
  • Physical Maintenance for Community Associations

First Real Estate successfully manages over 51 communities that it provides Maryland property management to. We have the experience to deliver exceptional value to your community.

We provide services that create:

  • Effective Communication …for an Informed Community!
  • Efficient Collection of Fees & Assessments …for Cash Flow!
  • On Time Resolution of Repairs …for a Safe Community!
  • Regulation Enforcement …for a Community looking its best!

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“First Real Estate Management is incredibly responsive, accurate on all reporting and the communication has been perfect. They’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.”


Bill Romer – President: Pindell Chase H.O.A. Read more »